World Record River Pike

Biggest pike

French angler, Fabien Suzan caught this 45lb 4oz monster from the River Adour in south-west France.

The fish was taken on a 30cm imitation eel lure from the lower regions of the waterway close to the Pyrenees mountain range. The 35-year-old has fished the river all his life and had previously witnessed the monster predator lurking in the water before deciding to go after it;

“I waited until around midday as that is when the water temperature gets high enough for the fish to start moving around on this river. I didn’t have a touch for the first two hours, but I insisted on staying in the area because my gut told me something was going to happen. I then saw the tail of the pike through the rushes and cast my lure towards it and the take was instant.” said Fabien.


The world record pike is a 55lb 1oz (25 kg) caught in a Greffern Lake, Germany by Lothar Louis in October 1986.

The current UK record is held by Roy Lewis who landed a 46lb 13oz, in October 1992 at Llandegfedd Reservoir, Wales.



A Sunny Day in Punt

We arrived at the picturesque Blenheim lake before first light. After unpacking the gear from the car, we loaded up the boat and took to the water ready for day targeting the legendary big pike of Blenheim Lake, Oxfordshire.

Once the sun was up, the day warmed up to beautiful crisp Winters day. After a few hours wait and trying out a few swims and tactics; it was the 8cm roach swimbait from FISHIN ADDICT that produced. Working the tree line in deep water, we soon had a lovely 14.5lb pike on board.

Pike 14.5lb

Ray Waldock, 14.5lb PIKE

A highly recommended spot for a great day out – check out the details here.

Locating the best pike swim location


Pike will occasionally group together although not as a shoal as such. The pike’s preferred habitat will need to be found rather than the individual fish – unlike fish such as tench or carp, who send up bubbles and reveal where they are, observation alone will not often tell you the position of pike. To find a likely pike spot, knowledge of the various ambush habitats of pike, along with imagination and perseverance will be needed.


Pike are very lazy, so subsequently you will very rarely find one in rapid, turbulent waters. They are generally found in areas that shoals of roach, bream, chub or dace live, as they never like to be too far from their next meal. As they prefer to ambush fish, they will be hiding in clumps of bull rushes, tall reeds, sunken trees, in slow back-eddies, deep channels, sudden depressions in the river-bed, in holes on the bends, at the confluence of a ditch or side stream and the main river, in weir and mill pools.

The summer will see pikes in amongst the leaves of the yellow water-lily, along the margins of slow-moving rivers and backwaters. In the winter, when the water-lilies have gone, pike will hide in deeper areas.

Still waters

The deep water habitats where pike are found during winter months are not always obvious. Still waters require preparatory work with a plummet to work out a plan of the bottom contours. This is much easier if you have use of a boat.

During low temperatures, shoals of small fish will seek refuge in the deeper parts of the water. The pike is aware of this and will therefore be in the same area mostly, although they can be found in the margins beside reed beds, lily roots etc.


1. In marginal reed beds


2. Under sunken / over hanging trees


3. Near Bridges


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