World Record River Pike

Biggest pike

French angler, Fabien Suzan caught this 45lb 4oz monster from the River Adour in south-west France.

The fish was taken on a 30cm imitation eel lure from the lower regions of the waterway close to the Pyrenees mountain range. The 35-year-old has fished the river all his life and had previously witnessed the monster predator lurking in the water before deciding to go after it;

“I waited until around midday as that is when the water temperature gets high enough for the fish to start moving around on this river. I didn’t have a touch for the first two hours, but I insisted on staying in the area because my gut told me something was going to happen. I then saw the tail of the pike through the rushes and cast my lure towards it and the take was instant.” said Fabien.


The world record pike is a 55lb 1oz (25 kg) caught in a Greffern Lake, Germany by Lothar Louis in October 1986.

The current UK record is held by Roy Lewis who landed a 46lb 13oz, in October 1992 at Llandegfedd Reservoir, Wales.



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