New electronic lure may catch too many fish; one state bans it.


A new fishing technology that set a record for catching bass in the U. S. It has out-fished shrimp bait in Washington State and beat top-selling U. S. lures three to one in Florida. The new technology is so effective one state, Wyoming, has banned its use.

The break-through is a tiny, battery-powered electrical system that flashes a blood-red light down a lure’s tail when it moved in water This creates the appearance of a live, bleeding prey and triggers a genetic strike response in fish. Some fishing authorities, like those in Wyoming, think that gives fishermen too much of an advantage.

BASS TAKE         Bass gold001

Three fishermen using a flashing lure in New Mexico caught 650 large-mouth bass in just 25 hours. That’s a bass every seven minutes for each person, and a record for the lake they were fishing. They said the bass struck with such ferocity they hardly lost a strike. In Florida two professionals fished for four hours from the same boat. One used a flashing-red lure; the other used some top-selling U. S. lures. The new, “bleeding” lure caught three times as many fish.

mike  Matthew Butler, Ichthyologist

Predators – lions, sharks will always go for the most vulnerable prey. Fish are predators, so if a fish sees a smaller fish bleeding, it knows it’s weakened and will strike. There’s a survival program built into predators that says, grab a meal when you can.’

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Last Chance

The end of the UK fishing season is nigh.


This year the 14th March is the last possible day to go catch that final last fish. Being a Friday, that means this weekend is the final fishing weekend until June 16th.

That is a whole 13 weeks of non fishing. So grab those rods, load up the saddle bags with bait n tackle… and ride for the waterways.

If you are in pursuit of pike, don’t forget to order your swimbaits from FISHIN ADDICT on or before Thursday, to be fully ready for the last chance saloon.


High tech, new invention fishing lure that perfectly replicate the colours and patterns of European bait fish. These lures feature innovative multi jointed sections, a shape that replicates realistic swimming action.

…Tight lines my fishing friends


New English record Pike was landed last weekend bending the scales to a massive 46lb 11oz.


Wyndon Coole waited three hours on the bank, before his dead bait trout bait was taken, fished at a depth of 14ft.

The monster catch was caught in at Wykeham Lakes near Scarborough in East Yorkshire and it is the largest pike ever caught in England.

Mr Coole, said “… as I started reel it in there was just no give in it and I knew it was a very heavy fish. It was like a dead weight…I was really chuffed

Many fishermen fully expect the 20 year old record British pike record could be broken this year. Former record holder Neville Fickling said ‘This fish is by far the biggest known pike in the country and has demonstrated its ability to keep growing. If it gets caught again in the next few weeks then there’s every chance it will break the British record.

– 46lb 13oz – Roy Lewis, Llandegfedd Reservoir, 1992
– 46lb 11oz – Wyndon Coole, Wykeham Trout Lake, 2014
– 46lb 8oz – Allen Stewart, Oaks Fishery, Northern Ireland, 2005
– 46lb – Andy O’Connor, Wykeham Trout Lake, 2012
– 46lb – Alan Hewitt, East Anglian Gravel Pit, 2007
– 45lb 15oz – Darren Willingham, Barnes Fishery, 1998
– 45lb 14oz – Wyndon Coole, Wykeham Trout Lake, 2011
– 45lb 8oz – John Goble, River Thurne, 2009
– 45lb 6oz – Gareth Edwards, Llandegfedd Reservoir, 1989
– 45lb – P. Cruise, Lough Leane, 1956






Following massive downpours and floods in some place of the UK, the water was always going to be tough with low visibility. Luckily there was no rain on the day but bright spells to keep us warm on the bank. It was not until the end of the day that I changed to the FISHIN ADDICT ‘Super Bright swimbait’ that we saw any action. Casting under an over hanging tree, my lure was struck like a thunderbolt. After a bit of a fight a 10.5 lb Zander was in the net.

CH Zander2

Chris Howell, 10.5lb Zander


World Record River Pike

Biggest pike

French angler, Fabien Suzan caught this 45lb 4oz monster from the River Adour in south-west France.

The fish was taken on a 30cm imitation eel lure from the lower regions of the waterway close to the Pyrenees mountain range. The 35-year-old has fished the river all his life and had previously witnessed the monster predator lurking in the water before deciding to go after it;

“I waited until around midday as that is when the water temperature gets high enough for the fish to start moving around on this river. I didn’t have a touch for the first two hours, but I insisted on staying in the area because my gut told me something was going to happen. I then saw the tail of the pike through the rushes and cast my lure towards it and the take was instant.” said Fabien.


The world record pike is a 55lb 1oz (25 kg) caught in a Greffern Lake, Germany by Lothar Louis in October 1986.

The current UK record is held by Roy Lewis who landed a 46lb 13oz, in October 1992 at Llandegfedd Reservoir, Wales.


A Sunny Day in Punt

We arrived at the picturesque Blenheim lake before first light. After unpacking the gear from the car, we loaded up the boat and took to the water ready for day targeting the legendary big pike of Blenheim Lake, Oxfordshire.

Once the sun was up, the day warmed up to beautiful crisp Winters day. After a few hours wait and trying out a few swims and tactics; it was the 8cm roach swimbait from FISHIN ADDICT that produced. Working the tree line in deep water, we soon had a lovely 14.5lb pike on board.

Pike 14.5lb

Ray Waldock, 14.5lb PIKE

A highly recommended spot for a great day out – check out the details here.