Pike 14.5lb

The season for targeting pike (Esox Lucius) opens on the 1st October and closes at the end of the fishing season 14th March.

The oxygen levels are on the way up and the water is starting to clear. ……Its time to tackle up.

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How to Fish a Drop Shot Rig

The drop-shot rig is a finesse technique that has taken the USA bass fishing world by a storm. Recently it has started to be popular on UK waters and is proving to a killer technique for perch. A drop-shot rig will often catch fish when reaction baits won’t do the trick.


  • Drop-shotting is a finesse technique that requires light line, so use a spinning outfit spooled up with 6- to 10-pound-test line.
  • Using a Palomar knot, tie a small drop-shot hook onto the line, about 18 inches up from the end. Tie so that the hook stands out perpendicular from the line.

hook knot

  • At the tag end of the line, about 18 inches from the hook, tie on a drop-shot weight.


  • Put a small bait on the hook. Four-inch worms, fry and grubs are good drop-shot baits.
  • Drop the rig straight down over the side of the boat or bank. When the line goes slack, reel up until the line is taut and the weight is on the bottom.


  • With the weight on the bottom, shake the rod gently. You just want to wiggle the lure without lifting the weight.
  • A bite may be anything from a tug to a sideways movement. If your hooks are good and sharp, all you have to do is reel hard to set the hook.
  • Reel the fish in gently. Remember you have light line on.
  • After landing a fish, check your knots and hook and go back to it. On a good piece of structure, there may be several good fish.


  • You can make your own drop-shot weights by pinching one end of a barrel swivel in a split-shot. The swivel helps reduce line twist.
  • Fluorocarbon line costs more, but since it is crystal clear and has no stretch, it is ideal for drop-shotting.
  • Once you get good at drop-shotting vertically, you can start to experiment with casting out and dragging the rig back, and fishing it over breaklines and other kinds of structure.
  • You don’t have to tie a hook directly to the line. You can add a barrel swivel, and extend a piece of line, and hook approximately 2-4″ from the swivel





The best place to catch perch is in any hiding place. Perch love to hang out under trees, in reeds or in amongst roots. Anywhere the can lay in wait for the fry. On colder days they will be in deeper water and warmer day the roam around more in the shallows. If you find a spot it will hold more than one fish as perch tend to hunt in packs. Look out for the surface breaking with fish trying to escape.



As with most fish, dawn and dusk are best. Late on a Summer day is a good time but perch are not that fussy and will strike any time of day.



Lobworm is great for perch and will be hit as soon as it drops in the water. Under a float is good but my favourite is a light lead and a quiver tip.

Prawns and small dead baits are also a good bait, especially on still waters. It always worth chucking in a a bit of ground bait in the area to draw in the small fish.

The best in my opinion is small lures. It always results in bigger fish and adds to the excitement, as you can often see the strike.


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How to tie the half blood knot


The half blood knot is a firm favourite with anglers for attaching swivels and hooks to line. This knot is suitable for lines up to 55Lbs but you should remember being a form of strangulation knot, it will weaken the line and this can mean you only have 70% of the lines strength.

Below is how to tie the blood knot in a few simple steps.

Don’t forget to add a bit of spit to lubricate the know, before pulling it tight.


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New electronic lure may catch too many fish; one state bans it.


A new fishing technology that set a record for catching bass in the U. S. It has out-fished shrimp bait in Washington State and beat top-selling U. S. lures three to one in Florida. The new technology is so effective one state, Wyoming, has banned its use.

The break-through is a tiny, battery-powered electrical system that flashes a blood-red light down a lure’s tail when it moved in water This creates the appearance of a live, bleeding prey and triggers a genetic strike response in fish. Some fishing authorities, like those in Wyoming, think that gives fishermen too much of an advantage.

BASS TAKE         Bass gold001

Three fishermen using a flashing lure in New Mexico caught 650 large-mouth bass in just 25 hours. That’s a bass every seven minutes for each person, and a record for the lake they were fishing. They said the bass struck with such ferocity they hardly lost a strike. In Florida two professionals fished for four hours from the same boat. One used a flashing-red lure; the other used some top-selling U. S. lures. The new, “bleeding” lure caught three times as many fish.

mike  Matthew Butler, Ichthyologist

Predators – lions, sharks will always go for the most vulnerable prey. Fish are predators, so if a fish sees a smaller fish bleeding, it knows it’s weakened and will strike. There’s a survival program built into predators that says, grab a meal when you can.’

See it in action here


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Drop Shot Perch head shot 2803


The best way to catch big perch is using small lures or swimbaits. Anything that is about 2” (50mm) long and silver or bright coloured. A small 5 or 6 ft rod is perfect for the confined spaces, coupled with a medium sized real, loaded with 4 to 6 lb line. I always add a wire trace; the amount of times I have been after perch and seen a pike cruise out and engulf my bait or lure, make it worth while.

50mm fry

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You are looking to imitate the roach fry (perch’s favorite snack), so cast into sheltered areas. A top spot for perch hang outs is always under over hanging trees. Natural food falls from the trees, the branches give cover from birds and the small bait fish hide out in the roots. Look out for schools of perch herding the bait fish and the fry breaking / scattering onto the surface.


Perch eat all year round but feed less in the Winter, however the clear waters help them spot your lure. Early morning Spring and Autumn are great times but the best is a warm Summers evening, just before dark.

Check out this clip from Underwater Ireland for perch on small lures.








Why does a red and white fishing lure works?


Everyone needs a ‘go to’ fishing lure. The bites might be slow, the water murky or the weather over cast. For all predatory fish and all conditions you can always rely on a red head – half red and half white.

There are several theories why these work:

1) In low light the red and white are not seen by the fish, so the lure is just a silhouette.

2) The red colour is like blood and therefore an injured fish.

3) The bright colour of the red attracts the fishes eye and triggers the attack response.

4) Do fish see colour? Does it even matter what colour it is?

Truly we do not really know, all we know is it catches fish. Any other theories please let me know.

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Classic metallic red head fishing plug with diving paddle for extra wobble, white scally body and big reflective holographic eye. This is a proven fishing lure, which catches all species in any conditions.

Catching Big Bass for the pan


The Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus), is a pelagic schooling species of mackerel found on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Mackerel is by far the most common of the ten species of the family that are caught in British waters. It is extremely common in huge shoals migrating towards the coast to feed on small fish and prawns during the summer.

Abundant in cold and temperate shelf areas, it forms large schools near the surface. They overwinter in deeper waters but move closer to shore in spring when water temperatures range between 11–14 °C (52–57 °F).

A young mackerel is referred to as a Joey. It is a favourite meal for Sea Bass along the inland UK waters, especially in the surf. Fishin Addict has just launched a Joey Mackerel pattern swimbait, perfect for catching big bass. Don’t forget to stick to the MSL 40cm (Minimum Size Limit) of those Bass you keep for the pan. My favourite recipe is here Pan-fried spicy sea bass with gorgonzola mash and fresh pesto http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/panfriedspicyseabass_84628


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