Following massive downpours and floods in some place of the UK, the water was always going to be tough with low visibility. Luckily there was no rain on the day but bright spells to keep us warm on the bank. It was not until the end of the day that I changed to the FISHIN ADDICT ‘Super Bright swimbait’ that we saw any action. Casting under an over hanging tree, my lure was struck like a thunderbolt. After a bit of a fight a 10.5 lb Zander was in the net.

CH Zander2

Chris Howell, 10.5lb Zander



A Sunny Day in Punt

We arrived at the picturesque Blenheim lake before first light. After unpacking the gear from the car, we loaded up the boat and took to the water ready for day targeting the legendary big pike of Blenheim Lake, Oxfordshire.

Once the sun was up, the day warmed up to beautiful crisp Winters day. After a few hours wait and trying out a few swims and tactics; it was the 8cm roach swimbait from FISHIN ADDICT that produced. Working the tree line in deep water, we soon had a lovely 14.5lb pike on board.

Pike 14.5lb

Ray Waldock, 14.5lb PIKE

A highly recommended spot for a great day out – check out the details here.