New electronic lure may catch too many fish; one state bans it.


A new fishing technology that set a record for catching bass in the U. S. It has out-fished shrimp bait in Washington State and beat top-selling U. S. lures three to one in Florida. The new technology is so effective one state, Wyoming, has banned its use.

The break-through is a tiny, battery-powered electrical system that flashes a blood-red light down a lure’s tail when it moved in water This creates the appearance of a live, bleeding prey and triggers a genetic strike response in fish. Some fishing authorities, like those in Wyoming, think that gives fishermen too much of an advantage.

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Three fishermen using a flashing lure in New Mexico caught 650 large-mouth bass in just 25 hours. That’s a bass every seven minutes for each person, and a record for the lake they were fishing. They said the bass struck with such ferocity they hardly lost a strike. In Florida two professionals fished for four hours from the same boat. One used a flashing-red lure; the other used some top-selling U. S. lures. The new, “bleeding” lure caught three times as many fish.

mike  Matthew Butler, Ichthyologist

Predators – lions, sharks will always go for the most vulnerable prey. Fish are predators, so if a fish sees a smaller fish bleeding, it knows it’s weakened and will strike. There’s a survival program built into predators that says, grab a meal when you can.’

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