The best place to catch perch is in any hiding place. Perch love to hang out under trees, in reeds or in amongst roots. Anywhere the can lay in wait for the fry. On colder days they will be in deeper water and warmer day the roam around more in the shallows. If you find a spot it will hold more than one fish as perch tend to hunt in packs. Look out for the surface breaking with fish trying to escape.



As with most fish, dawn and dusk are best. Late on a Summer day is a good time but perch are not that fussy and will strike any time of day.



Lobworm is great for perch and will be hit as soon as it drops in the water. Under a float is good but my favourite is a light lead and a quiver tip.

Prawns and small dead baits are also a good bait, especially on still waters. It always worth chucking in a a bit of ground bait in the area to draw in the small fish.

The best in my opinion is small lures. It always results in bigger fish and adds to the excitement, as you can often see the strike.


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Drop Shot Perch head shot 2803


The best way to catch big perch is using small lures or swimbaits. Anything that is about 2” (50mm) long and silver or bright coloured. A small 5 or 6 ft rod is perfect for the confined spaces, coupled with a medium sized real, loaded with 4 to 6 lb line. I always add a wire trace; the amount of times I have been after perch and seen a pike cruise out and engulf my bait or lure, make it worth while.

50mm fry

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You are looking to imitate the roach fry (perch’s favorite snack), so cast into sheltered areas. A top spot for perch hang outs is always under over hanging trees. Natural food falls from the trees, the branches give cover from birds and the small bait fish hide out in the roots. Look out for schools of perch herding the bait fish and the fry breaking / scattering onto the surface.


Perch eat all year round but feed less in the Winter, however the clear waters help them spot your lure. Early morning Spring and Autumn are great times but the best is a warm Summers evening, just before dark.

Check out this clip from Underwater Ireland for perch on small lures.