New English record Pike was landed last weekend bending the scales to a massive 46lb 11oz.


Wyndon Coole waited three hours on the bank, before his dead bait trout bait was taken, fished at a depth of 14ft.

The monster catch was caught in at Wykeham Lakes near Scarborough in East Yorkshire and it is the largest pike ever caught in England.

Mr Coole, said “… as I started reel it in there was just no give in it and I knew it was a very heavy fish. It was like a dead weight…I was really chuffed

Many fishermen fully expect the 20 year old record British pike record could be broken this year. Former record holder Neville Fickling said ‘This fish is by far the biggest known pike in the country and has demonstrated its ability to keep growing. If it gets caught again in the next few weeks then there’s every chance it will break the British record.

– 46lb 13oz – Roy Lewis, Llandegfedd Reservoir, 1992
– 46lb 11oz – Wyndon Coole, Wykeham Trout Lake, 2014
– 46lb 8oz – Allen Stewart, Oaks Fishery, Northern Ireland, 2005
– 46lb – Andy O’Connor, Wykeham Trout Lake, 2012
– 46lb – Alan Hewitt, East Anglian Gravel Pit, 2007
– 45lb 15oz – Darren Willingham, Barnes Fishery, 1998
– 45lb 14oz – Wyndon Coole, Wykeham Trout Lake, 2011
– 45lb 8oz – John Goble, River Thurne, 2009
– 45lb 6oz – Gareth Edwards, Llandegfedd Reservoir, 1989
– 45lb – P. Cruise, Lough Leane, 1956